Saturday, November 16, 2013

Campfire Craftivity Freebie!

One of my favorite fall writing projects is Creekside Teacher Tale's' Campfire Craftivity. Tracy at Creekside Teacher Tales has sooooo many great products! I wish I would have posted this earlier, but one of my favorite and the students' favorite Halloween writing projects is the campfire writing. We have been working a lot on descriptive writing and this is the perfect writing project for that. We brainstormed a list of spooky words to include in our writing and also worked on using problem and solution in our writing. Here are some pictures of the final project. 

Click on the image below to download this great freebie!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Write and Compare Larger Numbers Task Cards Flash Freebie

I have another flash freebie for you all! Head over to my TpT store to pick up my newest math task cards. These cards cover C.C. 4.NBT.2, write and compare larger numbers. Click on the picture below to download them :) They will be free in my store for the next few hours!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Place Value Task Cards Flash Freebie

This Common Core math stuff is killlllllling me! Does anyone else have parents constantly calling saying they don't understand the math and want you to explain it to them? So now, not only am I teaching the students, but I'm teaching the parents too! Ughhhhh! It has got to get easier at some point..... right??

We have moved onto multiplying bigger numbers and teaching the different strategies and it is going ok, but I decided to do a review of some place value on Friday and YIKES! Half of my students don't remember how to compare place values. So I created some task cards that we will be working on this coming week. They are up in my TpT for free for the next few hours. Feel free to snatch them up now :) If you download them, I would love for you to leave me some feedback on TpT. Thanks!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Themed Story Problem Task Cards Flash Freebie

My new autumn themed story problem task cards are free in my TpT store until I switch it to a paid item tomorrow morning! Click on the picture below to head over to my store and download. I would love for you to leave me feedback at TpT if you download them. Thanks!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November TpT Freebies!

I have been looking for November freebies on TpT today, and I have found some great ones that I want to share with you all!

Thanksgiving Logic Puzzle

What great November/Thanksgiving activities have you found?