Thursday, May 28, 2015

Matt's Marathon Dream for a Good Cause/Giveaway!

My cousin, Matt, is getting ready to run in his first marathon. He will be running in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which supports St. Jude. He needs to raise $1,500 to run in the race. All proceeds go to St. Jude. My cousin is such a caring guy, and I would love to help him reach this goal. This is a young guy that got married last year and asked for donations to his and his wife's favorite charity in lieu of gifts.   How many people do you know that do that! He is such a giving guy and I want to see him reach his goal! 
If you would like to donate, you can click on the link here.  I would love to offer up an item from my TpT store for any donation of $10.00 or more. 
If you decide to donate, post a comment with your email address and I will email you so that you can pick out your item of choice from my TpT store!

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Thank you!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bike Day!

We have been having lots of fun in the 4th grade for our last full week of school! Yesterday our 4th graders competed in Bike Day! All 82 of our 4th graders brought their bikes to school. The day started off with a nice bike ride around town. This ride definitely separated the strong from the weak! One of our teachers rode behind in her car encouraging the stragglers along! We even made a trip over to the K-3 building where we rode around in the parking lot until some of the classes spotted us and came out to cheer us on! 
In the afternoon we had three different stations set up. One station featured a local "bike guy" who showed the kids how to make sure their bike was safe to ride and how to keep it in good condition. He also showed them how to change a flat tire! He was even kind enough to fix a couple of the bikes that had broken throughout the day!
Another station featured the local police officers, and they taught the kids bike safety. At the end, they had each student practice riding and using the correct hand signals when stopping or turning. 
The last station featured a bike ride to a nearby park. 
With only one injured student, I would say the day was a success! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stitch Fix #12

So much for only signing up for a Stitch Fix once a season! It is more like once a month...yikes! I have an addiction! Take a look at the cute things I got this month!

I loved everything when I took it out of the box, but once I tried everything on, I only loved the two tank tops. So now I have two new tanks to take with me on vacation!

If you have been wanting to try out Stitch Fix, I would love it if you used my referral link :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Starbucks will get me through....

I'm a super cheap person so normally I wouldn't spend money on Starbucks, but last week was so crazy I may have treated myself to Starbucks a couple of times. I told myself it was my reward for surviving the days. sister shared with me the Starbucks app, so I wanted to share it with you. I actually blame her for my new addiction because she said when I signed up, I would get a free drink so that's what got me started! If you want to get a free Starbucks drink too then sign up for their rewards app. :) Click the link to sign up : Starbucks Rewards

Sunday, May 17, 2015

1st Annual Talent Show

Our school put on our first ever talent show this past week, and it was awesome! It was so exciting to see students share off their talents! 
I work with such a fun group of teachers so we decided to surprise the students with our own little performance.  We kinda put it together at the last minute, but it was a ton of fun and the kids thought we were pretty cool :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Feeln: Movies Together

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I was contacted by Feeln to review their service in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Feeln is a subscription video on-demand service showing films for audiences of all ages. Feeln offers subscribers a variety of movies to choose from including Hollywood blockbusters, Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, and Feeln originals. Feeln is available online and can be streamed to your TV. 

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for Hallmark movies. I no longer have cable so this service will allow me to watch so many of those feel good movies I enjoy so much. Some of the movies that I look forward to watching are: 
Front of the Class

Pictures Hollis Woods

Ellen Foster

Feeln also offers tons of movies just for kids and even series, including some educational series. There are so many movies that Feeln has to offer. I'm just waiting for a rainy day to relax and watch some movies :)

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week Feeln is offering a special 50% off offer when you subscribe for a year. The price comes to just $0.99 a month when you sign up for a whole year. Just use the following offer code: 0515BlogConnie.

  Miss Connie is the feature short film for Teacher Appreciation Week and if you are a teacher, I'm sure you will appreciate this film. This film features a retiring preschool teacher who receives a surprise from her students. This short film depicts the importance of appreciating teachers, that not only nourish the minds, but also the hearts of their students.


*Feeln offered me a subscription to their service in exchange for a review. All opinions shared are my own.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Division Task Card Giveaway

*The giveaway is now over. Thanks Mrs. Decker and Emily for commenting :)
I just posted my Division Task Cards on TpT. If you are interested in winning them, post a comment on this post and this evening I will pick two people to receive them for free! Or you can click on the picture below to find them at my store.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Golden Tote-My Online Clothing Shopping Addiction

           I really do hate to shop, so these new online companies that shop for you have become my latest addiction. I have posted about Stitch Fix before and I still LOVE it, but I saw a blog post on Golden Tote so I had to try that too!

           Golden Tote is similar in that it is another online personal stylist company. You first have to choose if you want the smaller tote ($49) which comes with 2-3 items or the larger tote ($149) which comes with 5-6 items. I chose the smaller tote because I'm cheap :)

           Next you actually get to pick an item that you want included in your tote and the other items are chosen by a stylist. You have to fill out a survey of your sizes and preferances for the stylist.
            I received my first tote yesterday and it came in a cute "golden tote." Inside I was a little disappointed to see only 2 items. I was hoping I would get 3. I liked how the shirt that I had picked out fit, and I did like the cardigan that was picked out by the stylist for me too.


The brand of the cardigan is Hem & Thread, which only sells to wholesale buyers so I was not able to check the price, and the tank top is Naked Zebra. I was able to find the price of the tank top on the Naked Zebra website and it was $49.99, so I do feel like I got a pretty good deal overall. 

The total price of my small tote, with shipping was $58.99. This is an all or nothing service so you don't have the option of keeping just one item. You can return both items, but you do have to pay for the shipping yourself. 

I did enjoy receiving this tote but I probably need to choose either Stitch Fix or Golden Tote or it could become a problem!

Have you tried Golden Tote? What did you think? If you would like to try it out, I would love it if you used my referral link :)