Monday, August 20, 2012


Somewhere on someone's blog I read a post on and decided it sounded too cool not to check out! So I checked it out and immediately opened up an account for my class. It was soooo easy and my students are super excited about it. You as a teacher open up a class blog, but then each student is able to post to the class blog and their own blog. The nice thing about it is that it is super safe. The only people that can look at it are our classmates, and the teacher has to approve each comment before it is posted for other students to see. I had everything all set up and ready for us to try it out for the first time when we went to the computer lab today, and when we got to the lab, only 1 of the 30 computers had Internet...ugh!!!! Anyways, I decided to just give the kids the details and told them they could try it out at home. I just got home and checked the blog and I already have students that have posted comments!!!!

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