Sunday, December 30, 2012

CC Language Vocab Task Cards/Possible Freebie!

Well it's cold outside and I don't feel like leaving the I decided to make some task cards! I am trying really hard to hit all of the vocabulary from the Common Core Standards and as you all know there is a TON! I made checklists for the students to put in their notebooks to add to as we learned new words throughout the year, but I wanted a quick assessment to see if they are remembering any of them. So I made some task cards to go along with the language part of the standards. I will make cards to go along with each of the categories this is just the first set! Hopefully these will be of some help. Some of the cards just give definitions that need to be matched up with the correct word and some give examples of the vocab words. They are all multiple choice and I have included an answer document if you wanted to use this as a scoot game! There is also a key for a quick check! These are aligned with the 4th grade standards but could easily be adapted for other grades, as many of the words carry over. If you are interested, check them out at my TPT store or click the picture below! Be the first to comment and I'll send you a free copy!

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