Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's All A Blur......

This past week is a total blur! I had every intention of taking lots of pictures and sharing what I did all week, but I honestly can't remember a thing!! I started school Monday with Institute and Back-to-School Night. Our school decided to do a Back-to-School night this year instead of doing an Open House in a month, like we usually do. Again Back-to-School night is all a blur. My students all came in so fast and at the same time that I know if I were to see a parent out, I wouldn't recognize them! Overall it was a really fun night though!
Wednesday was the first day back with students and it was a FULLLLL day, which was rough. We made it through though and it was a lot of fun! I always enjoy meeting the students for the first time and I love how quiet they are on the first day.....even though it never lasts :)
We did a couple really fun activities on the first day that I want to share with you all. None of the activities are mine, so unfortunately I can't take any credit. The first is a Back to School Drama Circle by Runde's Room. The first day is always full of rules and procedures so this was perfect to throw in when I could tell the students were getting tired of listening to me talk! This activity has students act out a sequence of events that occur in the first day back to school.
Matt, from Digital: Divide & Conquer was kind enough to give me his Back to School Task cards to try out and they were also a hit on the first day! I spread the cards around the room and the students had to pick 15 of them to answer. Then we got together and shared our answers. It was a great way to get to know the students!
I also had the students do the classic Me Bag activity. My students always seem to enjoy this activity and it also really helps me learn what my students are interested in. Every year I have a handful of  students that are nervous to share their bags in front of the whole class and this year I didn't have a single student who was nervous! They all begged to share and one even sang his favorite song! I guess it's a good thing that they are already comfortable with me and their peers, but it makes me a little nervous that they are going to be a VERY talkative group! I used a freebie template from Mrs. Barksdale to staple onto a brown paper bag.
Ok, this is post is getting WAY too long! One more thing..... I want to remind everyone of the BIG TPT sale! I have been waiting for this allllll summer! Tomorrow and Monday you can get up to 28% off your purchases. My store along with many others will be 20% off plus the additional TPT discount! I don't know about you but I'm excited to finally purchase all those products on my wishlist!
Have a great weekend!!

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