Saturday, March 8, 2014 What We Earned!!

I can't remember if I posted about on here before or not, but for the short version it is a computer program designed to get kids interested in computer science. My brother writes code for his job, so when I heard about a coding program for kids, I was excited to share it with my class! 

This 20 hour course introduces core computer science and programming concepts. Did I mention the prizes that can be earned for completion?? Well......if 15 students complete the program, you can earn $750 to use at and if 7 of those students are girls, you can earn an additional $250 at

My students were super excited to complete the program. I'll be honest, it was not easy! It took us a while to complete the program, but guess what?!?! We earned $1,000!!!! As a class we voted on what to use the money on and we decided to get two iPads and books for our library. We received our iPads this week and my students were sooooo excited! 

If you are interested in the program, click on the picture below!

Signup header cropped

Here is a pic of our iPads!

I promised my students that I would download some apps onto the iPads this weekend....does anyone have any suggestions??

Have a great weekend!


  1. This sounds really interesting. About how much time is needed to complete it?

  2. We used for the Hour of Code. I remember reading about the 20 course, but never revisited the email. Congratulations on earning the $1,000 towards a project. I have more than 7 girls. I'm interested in also know how long it took. Was it a great deal of time over the 20 hours?
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