Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday: "I Can" Statements and "I Have, Who Has" Bundle

I am loving all of these linky parties in the summer! It is keeping me motivated to post more often! Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune and their Two for Tuesday party. This party  allows you to get some good deals on TpT. Bloggers put up two of their TpT products for 50% off for the day. 

Today I am putting up two of my favorite products....4th and 5th grade Common Core "I Can" Statements and my "I Have, Who Has" Science Game Bundle!

This past year our principal asked us to post the standards that we would be teaching that week. I was not thrilled about this and figured it would be a total pain in the butt! Believe it or not, I ended up liking this idea. Posting the standards that I was teaching each week really held me accountable for what I was teaching and also helped the students know exactly what I expected from them. Below are the "I Can" statements that I created. 

Next up are my science "I Have, Who Has" games. I have posted about these before, but they really are my students' favorite games. I love "I Have, Who Has" games because it forces everyone to pay attention or the game doesn't work. The games are a great review!

Checking out The Teaching Tribune for more great products listed for half off today!

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  1. I had to stop on over to your blog, too! Your in Illinois...just south of me. What are the major science concepts you have to teach your kiddos?

    Renee at The Science School Yard