Saturday, June 22, 2013

200 Follower Giveaway!!

Yay it's the weekend! The only bad  part of that is the fact that it's supposed to be reallllly hot and humid and my AC is broke   :( ugh but on a positive note...... today starts my 200 follower giveaway!
For this giveaway I teamed up with Jeanette from Third Grade Galore! We have put together what I think is a pretty good giveaway :) There is a k-2 and a 3-5 giveaway. Both giveaways include a $10 TPT giftcard and products from some GREAT bloggers! Check out who you will be receiving products from!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We would love to give credit to cherryworkshop.blogspot
and Digital Papers by Tamara V. Russell for their graphics.


  1. Great giveaway! Congratulations on your milestone!

  2. Giveaway looks great....I hope you get lots of people to enter! I just emailed you my email address....

    Mind Sparks

  3. Fun! Congrats on 200 followers! woo hoo

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