Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Electricity and Magnetism!

We have just started a new unit on Electricity and Magnetism. I love this unit because of the hands-on activities you can do with it! This week my students worked on making series and parallel circuits. We read about and discussed both of these circuits. We talked about the materials needed to make a complete circuit and then the students were given these materials to make their own circuits. They were not happy with me when I told them I wasn't going to tell them how to do it.
 I don't know about your students, but my students hate having to think on their own and it drives me crazy! I am trying so hard to teach them to be problem solvers. So when they were finally able to put together a circuit on their own, they were very proud of themselves! It was fun to see them try different things with the circuits like adding an extra battery to make the light shine even brighter. Below are some pictures of the circuit creations!

Today students got to make electromagnets! I love seeing students work together and get excited when they accomplish a goal!

Before we test over this chapter, we will play our favorite "I Have, Who Has" review game and do a scoot game with task cards. 

What are your favorite electricity and magnetism activities that you teach?

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