Thursday, April 9, 2015

STEM Challenge: Geodesic Domes

I purchased a STEM Engineering Challenge Project's pack on TpT forever ago with every intention of incorporating these activities into my science curriculum and then it didn't happen....

So finally during our week of PARCC testing, I decided the students would enjoy a hands-on science project. The class worked in groups to create geodesic domes. Before starting this project, we used our Chromebooks to research geodesic domes. The students had never heard of geodesic domes, but they were excited to research them and step up to the challenge of making their own!

I used the activity from Smart Chick's STEM Engineering Pack #1. 

STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ TEN PACK #1
Here are some pictures of the geodesic domes my students created! They had so much fun working on this project and the best part is that it forced them to be creative and think for themselves! It also required students to work together!

I can't wait for our next STEM challenge!

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