Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Made It-I Have, Who Has Game!

I made the mistake at the beginning of the year of introducing my students to the I have, who has game and now they want to play it for every subject. They just don't realize that it takes TIME to create the games, which we as teachers just don't seem to have. So as a reward for my student's good behavior last week I created an I have, who has game to go along with our science topic; ecosystems. I posted it over on TPT if you are interested!


  1. My students love the I Have, Who Has games too! It's great to meet another 4th grade teacher.

    Fourth Grade Garden

  2. I have, who has is always a hit! Thanks for posting!
    - Michele
    Multiage Moments

  3. It took me a hot minute to figure out how the game was its a hit :) Ive never created one but I love using the ones others have created!
    Rock Stars At Work

  4. My kids love that game too. They're always trying to beat their last time!

    Success in Second Grade
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  5. Thank you for sharing your game; I love it. I will have to try it with my 4th graders.

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