Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cover Letter Suggestions??

I have been working on filling out applications today and trying to update my resume and cover letter. I am struggling with the cover letter...every example I look at online I just don't like! I would loooove to have your advice on some key phrases to include! Please help!! :)


  1. I haven't made a cover letter or updated my résumé in way too long. I do remember it mentioning things that would make me stand out from the rest... Accomplishments, talents, community stuff, intervention, etc. I don't know if that helps. My old one was basically selling them as why I am a team player, organized...

  2. Oh, and thank you for offering to help in my upcoming giveaway!

  3. I don't have your email, trying to get everything organized for the giveaway to start on Friday. Are you still interested? Please let me know by tomorrow night so I can finalize everything. Thanks!