Friday, March 1, 2013

Scientific Method Freebies

This past week has kind of been a big cram session. As state testing gets closer, I realize all of the topics that I haven't had a chance to cover! So we did some mini lessons  on different topics. One of the topics we covered was the Scientific Method and I found some great freebies out there! The first was a set of posters from Wild About Teaching on TPT.

I  found a great video on Scholastic Study Jams on the scientific method. I love Scholastic Study Jams... you can search just about any topic and find either a video or an activity to teach that topic.
After discussing each of the scientific method steps, it was time to experiment! We did the Case of the Runaway Pepper, which I found from Susan Cahalane on TPT. Susan's freebie comes with steps to complete the experiment, a sheet outlining the scientific method sheet, and an activity sheet for students to fill out. My students had so much fun with this experiment!
What experiments do you use to teach scientific method??


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