Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sister Update, Gardening Help, and a Sale!

We are home from Chicago! My sister's surgery went really well. She was absolutely hilarious when my mom and I went back to see her in recovery. She just could not stop giggling! She kept swinging the arm that she had surgery on, around because she felt like her arm wasn't attached. We made it almost all the way home before the nerve block wore off and then the rest of the way home was rough, but hopefully now that she is home and has pain meds that she can take, she won't be in so much pain! As soon as she can take the wrap off of her arm, I am posting before and after pics!
I have mentioned before that I love to garden. Three summers ago my mom gave me some starts from one of her raspberry plants and I don't think they have grown yet! I looooove raspberries, yet I don't think my plants will EVER actually grow berries at this rate! Does anyone have any advice for me on how to get these babies to grow??
Lastly, I am having a  sale at my TPT store!  I am linking up with Latoya from Flying into First Grade for my 4th of July sales :] I am actually having a sale July 3-5 at my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store. Enjoy your 4th of July!


  1. Glad to hear your sister is doing well. Wish I had some tips on the plants, but I don't have any plants in my house because they all died! Happy 4th!

    Third Grade Galore

  2. Are your raspberry plants in the sun? I think they need lots of sun to grow well. (Just a thought...) :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings