Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Excuse me while I vent.......

Please don't feel like you actually have to read this post...I really just want to complain for a minute.

I went into school for the first time yesterday. Even though school starts Friday, yesterday was the first day I was able to be in my classroom due to construction. I got into my classroom to see that all of the furniture had been stacked up and moved into a corner of the room! This is what my room looked like after I had moved furniture for an you can see it's still nowhere close to being finished!

Clearly I have been spoiled in the past because having to move heavy bookcases and filing cabinets in a room that did not have AC running was horrible!!! I did finally manage to get all of the desks down only to realize they had not been cleaned and were filthy! Needless to say I spent most of the day cleaning.  After an almost full 8 hour day at school, the room is almost put together. 
I feel like I should mention that I may have spent the first couple hours going around and catching up with coworkers :) Does anyone else find that their first day back to the classroom is usually spent catching up with coworkers and just looking around your classroom at all that needs to be done and then you don't actually get much done? Hopefully this isn't just me! 
I'm headed back to school today and I'm hoping to be able to share more progress tomorrow! How are your rooms looking?


  1. Don't you feel like you need another vacation already? Good luck with all the cleaning and organizing today!

  2. Yes, you are lucky! Our stuff gets moved every year! They typically put the BIG stuff like bookshelves back for us though. I always spend the first day walking around talking, and walking around in circles staring at things. Ughhh.