Saturday, October 18, 2014

Christmas Shopping Already!?

So I have a confession to make....I'm kinda anti-Christmas gifts. I am really not into buying gifts or receiving them. Every year I try to convince my family to not buy gifts and no one ever buys into it. So every year I wait until the very last minute, like the day before Christmas, to buy gifts. This absolutely kills one of my co-workers because she finishes her Christmas shopping during the summer. So anyways, I'm super excited to say that I just bought my first Christmas gift!! My sister is a scarf addict, so when I saw this cute white hanger, I thought it would be the perfect gift! I found it over at Pick Your Plum

It's In The Cards - White Hanger Card/Accessory Holder & Clothes Pins

Have you started any of your Christmas shopping yet? Have you found any good gifts? I am the worst gift giver ever and would love to hear some ideas!!

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