Friday, October 3, 2014

Open Your Eyes and VISUALIZE!

I've told you before how I have jumped on the anchor chart here is my latest chart to share with you! We have been working on visualizing this week, which is probably one of my  favorite comprehension strategies! Of course I can't take credit for my poster because I "borrowed" the ideas from multiple posters that I found here and here on Pinterest and I used the idea from our Interactive Notebooks from Nicole Shelby

We really focused on using all of the senses when visualizing. Luckily our book has some great descriptive stories that are perfect for working on visualizing. 
Here is a picture of what we added to our interactive reading notebooks...thanks to Nicole Shelby! I love her Interactive Reading Notebook!

4th Grade Interactive Reading Notebook (aligned with Common Core)

Teaching with a Mountain View has a great free set of visualizing task cards that we also used this week. My students had fun illustrating what they pictured in each task card. 

Free Visualizing Reading Skill Task Cards Mini-Set

What are some of your favorite visualizing activities?

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  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I love Nicole's Interactive Reading Notebook. It has become one of my favorite resources.

    Fit to be Fourth