Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Government Activities!

I used to hate teaching government, but luckily it is starting to grow on me. Honestly and sadly, I think it's because now that I have taught it for 5 years I am even starting to understand it! I'm not wanting to jump into politics or anything, but I kinda get what each of the branches of government does! :)
One of my favorite products to use with this unit is Ashleigh's American Government Activity Pack. It has tons of great activities to use and unfortunately I don't usually even get to them all. I love the levels of government and branches of government organizers. My students love the cootie catcher reviews! 

American Government Activities and Worksheets

This year I had the students create a tree poster on the branches of government. They had to label each of the branches with a branch of government and then use the leaves to write a description of what each branch does. Here are a couple that I thought turned out nicely!

I like to end this unit with a review using my Government Task Cards and my Government "I Have, Who Has" Game. 

Government Task Cards

I Have, Who Has Government Game

What are your favorite activities for teaching government?

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