Monday, October 5, 2015

Science Gallery Walk!

My students always get excited when I tell them they will be learning about animals in science. This year one of my students is an animal expert! She knows soooo much about different types of animals that it is crazy! She has given us way more knowledge on animals than the textbook!

Last year I had my students make animal posters, and the activity went so well that I did it again this year. The students were divided into small groups, and they had to make a poster that showcased invertebrates and the 5 vertebrate groups. They had to write a detailed description of each group and include pictures. They were allowed to print out pictures, cut out pictures from magazines, or draw their own pictures. 

When the groups finished, we displayed the posters around the classroom. The students then did a gallery walk, observing each of the posters. They were given sticky-notes to write compliments for each of the posters and then place the sticky note by that poster. 

The students felt great when they got to read the compliments that their classmates gave them on the posters that they had worked so hard to create!

Here are a few pictures of the final projects!

We also used my Vertebrate and Invertebrate Task Cards and "I Have, Who Has" Game to wrap up this chapter. 

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Task Cards

Vertebrates and Invertebrates "I Have, Who Has" Game


  1. I love your students' posters, and I like how students gave feedback on the sticky notes! What a fun idea!

  2. These are so cute! Great activity. Love your blog, it's so colorful. I'm in Chicago and I found your blog on one of those blogger lists:) Just wanted to reach out. I teach K-8 technology in Chicago.