Monday, October 26, 2015

The Best Pencil Sharpener in the Best Color!

Classroom Friendly Supplies is an awesome company created by a teacher, Troy Decoff, that provides the BEST pencil sharpener! Not only is this pencil sharpener super quiet, but it will also sharpen ANY pencil! You know those crappy pencils with the plastic decorative covering that students can never sharpen?? Well, this baby will sharpen even those!

I have had one of these pencil sharpeners for a couple years now, and I will never use another sharpener. I have even gotten numerous teachers at my school to buy one too, and they all love it!

I was super excited when I was offered the chance to be one of the first to receive the newest color!
My students and I were so excited when our new sharpener was delivered to our room! Here it is!!

If you have not bought your Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener, I highly recommend you try it out! You will not be disappointed! Click on the image below to head to their website. 

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