Monday, October 6, 2014

Brag/Reward Tags Opinions??

I have a rough group this year and my behavior management system that I have used in the past is just not cutting it! I have used a clip chart the past couple of years and it worked well. Unfortunately, it is not effective for my group this year. I have heard a lot of talk about the brag tags/reward tags and I would love to hear your thoughts on these if you use them! Does anyone use them for a behavior management system? Would you recommend it? Or what do you use for your behavior management system? Seriously, help me....before I pull all of my hair out! Ok, it's not really that bad but any advice you can give me would be awesome!


  1. Keep them busy. I have found that if there is very little transition/lag time between activities, etc it is a tremendous help. If they are working, then they aren't getting into trouble and talking or whatever. Is there anything in particular that they have trouble with?
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  2. Have you tried Class Dojo? I know it's one more thing to learn and set up, but the kids love it, and it's a great way to track your behaviors for you!

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  3. I have a tough class this year too. I implemented a new behavior system this year as well. I use punch cards. I got some free buisness cards from and then made some coupons. I hand out punches on their cards for multiple things. Homework, papers signed, 100% on tests and quizzes...etc. I could go on. Check out my blog about it. So far they love it and it's easy to explain to subs when I am out, and it works for them too!

    Good Luck.

  4. I also have a really tough class this year... I use Caught Ya cards and Rewards Cards. When they use positive behavio, they are given a caught ya card. Then, at the end of the week, they can either save up or spend them. The Rewards menu has cards for things like candy, homework pass, all the way up to move your desk to another location. I had a base menu, and this year, I had my kids add and take away from the menu. You just have to be very consistent with this behavior support.

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  5. Having an effective classroom management system can be so tricky! I actually just wrote a post about using Class Dojo and a modified version of a class economy on my blog. Come check it out - it has been working great so far! PBIS and Class DoJo

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  6. I've used Whole Brain Teaching for years and it's worked for me at a variety of grade levels in both primary and intermediate.
    I also discovered brag tags this summer and have invested in them. My kiddos have really 'bought into' them as well...and love them! My grade level partner and I both use them. Bought the 'dog tag' type chains to put them on and the round metal/cardboard tags (you can buy at a hardware store - they use them for keys) to personalize by putting their names on them. There's so many of them out there...some free...some $.