Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two for Tuesday!

I have been giving several of my TpT products "facelifts" recently, so I'm linking up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher to showcase two of those products at 50% off! I'm late getting this posted so the products will be half off until I remember to change it back tomorrow (7/29). 

First up is my "I Have, Who Has" Light and Sound. 

"I Have, Who Has" Light and Sound

Next up is my "I Have, Who Has" Ecosystems and Food Chains. 

I Have, Who Has Ecosystems and Food Chains

My goal for the summer was to make an "I have, who has" review game for each chapter that we cover in science and I only have one left to do!


  1. Those products are awesome! I need to check out your store for more fun stuff!

    Your newest follower,
    Life As I Know It

  2. Love your blog and TPT store! I am looking forward to getting your Ecosystems game! Thanks