Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just Curious....Let's Take a Poll!

As I slowly get into back to school mode, I am trying to stick to a budget. Every year I tell myself I am not going to spend a ton of money on back to school stuff and then I do. This year I realllyyyy need a new chair for my desk. My chair used to move up and down and now it's broken because my chair is a million years old, so now I pretty much just sit on the floor. I have been looking at desk chairs and they are so expensive! I feel like this is an item that my school should buy me, but they don't. We don't get any money to spend for the school year either :(. 

So I'm curious...does your school give you any back to school money or money to spend throughout the year? Does your school replace any furniture or is that up to you to replace?


  1. In my district we are fortunately provided with those things. We also get a stipend for supplies in the beginning of every year. It makes me so sad that your school doesn't provide you with necessities such as a desk chair! That's rubbish!

    Life As I Know It

  2. I'm from Southern California. Not only does my district NOT provide a desk chair for teachers, we have HUGE class sizes. I will have 33 students in my fourth class next year. We get very little funds for supplies that we can order though the school secretary. If we purchase anything on our own we are not reimbursed. Sometimes, if the PTA has enough funds, they will give each teacher $100 to spend on classroom items.

  3. We are given a stipend each year to spend...but it always varies. In the past it has been about $200, but in recent years it has dropped to $150. Our principal is awesome and keeps a supply room stocked with post-its, highlighters, pens, staples, etc. We are also able to turn in receipts throughout the year for reimbursement. We are pretty luck in Kansas, I guess. :)

    Mind Sparks

  4. Oh girl, I had no idea your school was like that! My district is pretty good about things like that. We used to be given a certain number that each classroom that number is pretty hush, hush though. I spend a lot of money on things for the classroom but I turn in receipts for some things. I have never been turned down for reimbursement. A desk chair is something that I would definitely turn a receipt in for though! I was at staples today and saw that they had some desk chairs on sale! Go check...also their Teacher Appreciation started today through the 4th, not sure if a desk chair qualifies but you could ask! :)

    Sliding into First!

  5. Our school rarely buys any furniture. They would probably buy me a desk chair if mine broke, though. I did just get a new rug. Mine had been unraveling for years. The long straggly, icky edges made a lovely "fidget" for kids when we sat on the carpet! One student last year kept trimming off the long strands. I think it was seriously bugging him! I spend tons of money on things I need/want. My school doesn't spend a lot on classroom supplies, but I have the basics. I hope you can find a good chair that won't cost an arm and a leg!
    Laughter and Consistency