Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Magician's Elephant

My students just finished our latest novel, The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo. 

Here is the description that is found on the back of the book:

"When a fortuneteller’s tent appears in the market square of the city of Baltese, orphan Peter Augustus Duchene knows the questions that he needs to ask: Does his sister still live? And if so, how can he find her?
The fortuneteller’s mysterious answer (An elephant! An elephant will lead him there!) sets off a chain of events so remarkable, so impossible, that Peter can hardly dare to believe it.
But it is―all of it―true."
I was excited to see that Renee Smalley had a novel study to go along with The Magician's Elephant. She creates the best novel studies!
The Magician's Elephant {Novel Study, Story Cube, & Word Wall}
The end of the book project that goes along with this novel is a story cube. My students had a lot of fun creating these. Below are some pictures of the final products. 

And now to pick out our next novel!

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