Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Reading Comprehension Activity

Runde's Room has a great set of winter craftivities that my students enjoy putting together each year. Last week we completed the Comprehension Snowman. 

Comprehension Snowmen - A Winter Literacy Craftivity

This was a great assessment for the novels that my students were working on in their small groups. I loved that each of the snowmen had questions that could be used with any book. The questions included all of the important reading strategies that we have been working on, like summarizing, inferring, asking questions, synthesizing, and making connections. Here are some pictures of the finished products!

If you like this activity, check out the December Craftivity Bundle. This week my students will be working on the Figurative Language Snow Globes, which is included in this bundle. I'll be back to share pictures of those!

December Craftivities - Literacy-Themed Craftivities for December

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