Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Year, New Gear Linky Party!

Today I am linking up with Pinkadots Elementary New Year, New Gear Linky Party.

 It's that time of year where we are ready to be done thinking about school, but yet there are those little things that need to be taken care of before leaving for the of those being a supply list. Here are a few must haves on my supply list:

1.  5X8 in. notecards- I like the large ones better. We use these for all sorts  of things... vocab, states and capitals, parts of speech, etc..

2. Five Subject Notebook- I think it is easier to have one notebook for all subjects than individual notebooks. I like to have a section for writing, science, social studies, spelling, and reading.

3. Dry Erase markers- I didn't have this on my list the first couple of years and ended up spending way too much of my own money on markers.

4. Clorox wipes- I am a total clean freak so these are a must!

5. Clipboard- A lot of times I let students work with partners or in a different spot in the room so it is nice to have a clipboard to write on.

What is on your school supply list?

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  1. I love the larger index cards. I add them to our class wish list each year.

    Foreman Teaches