Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mystery Writing

I have some students this year that absolutely love to write! Our latest writing project was a mystery. A couple years ago when Scholastic had their dollar downloads sale, I snagged a great writing book. This book has writing projects for all different kinds of genres. The one for mystery writing is great. It has an introduction that discusses the different mystery terms like suspect, alibi, red herring, sleuth, etc. It takes the students step by step through the writing process starting with a great prewriting page that helps students come up with clues, characters, suspects, and motives. Once the students have written their report, included is a pop-up activity to put it all together! Below are some of our finished products! I was really impressed with how well they turned out!



  1. We are doing a mystery unit right now! I love your pop-ups. I can see why your class loved this activity. I will have to check out that resource for sure - mystery writing can be so hard for kids.

  2. I have never done much with mystery, reading or writing. That might be a goal for a summer creation/next year's project! Thanks for the ideas!