Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interjections! Show excitement! Or Emotion!

Fiiiiinally , we got to the topic of interjections in grammar! My favorite Schoolhouse Rock song is definitely the Interjection song, it just never gets old! So I started this lesson out by showing the song once, twice, ok we watched it three times....but each time they had to write down the interjections they heard. By the third time we had just about all of them! Then I put the students into groups of three, and they had to write out a conversation between the three of them using an interjection to start each sentence. The students then shared with each other, and let me tell you their conversations were hilarious! We ended up talking with interejections at the beginning of each sentence the rest of the made for an entertaining day!


  1. I love Schoolhouse Rocks - I use it for grammar and multiplication!

  2. I love this School House Rock video. My favorite might be the conjunction video has stayed with me since I was a kid.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  3. LOVE schoolhouse rock! My kiddos share my obsession! My favorite is probably conjunction junction because it always gets stuck in my head!! I will definitely have to use this video :)